Past events

  • ICREA Acadèmia 2015 ceremony

    Today at 19h, chaired by the Minister of Enterprise and Knowledge of the Catalan Government at Palau de Pedralbes. The event will also showcase the research that is done in Catalan public universities through two presentations by awardees Xavi Ribas (UdG), and Emília Gómez (UPF).



  • Ines Domingo and Cedric Boeckx, today at EYE Catalunya openning

    E.Y.E. Catalunya is a project led by Patricia Caicedo where creators of arts, culture and science meet to exchange their views and to explore the boundaries of creation from Catalonia

    Come or follow by streaming!

  • 69th ICREA Colloquium - Everything you always wanted to know about creating a company (but were afraid to ask)

    By: Joan Seoane (ICREA at VHIO) and Emilià Pola (Exec.Dir. at ICREA)

    When: 22nd December 2015, 18:00h

    Where: ICREA, Pg. Lluís Companys 23, 6th floor

    Why would you, decent and exemplary ICREA researchers, ever want to get involved in the creation of a spin-off company? In this colloquium we will take a stroll on the ‘dark side of science’: its commercial exploitation. The talk aims at covering both the practical and the institutional points of view. To that end, Joan Seoane, who started his own company ‘Mosaic Biomedicals’ in 2012, will share his experience with all of us. And Emilià Pola will present the vision and the position of ICREA as an institution, or in other words, why an institution like ICREA gets involved in such mundane activities.

    The ICREA colloquia are a great way to learn about remote fields of research from our best experts. We usually have two speakers, who offer their opinions on the same subject from very different angles. Open to all ICREAs and their guests. There’s wine and munchies at the end, please book in advance!


    Coinciding with the current CCCB exhibition 'Humans +: el futur de la nostra espècie', the new cycle of debates by ICREA researchers offers four talks on intelligence, its meaning and its limits: 'MÀQUINES QUE PENSEN: Possibilitats i dilemes de la intel•ligència artificial'

    Free entrance, but usually very full! Further details at the CCCB site.

    Dimarts 24 de Novembre de 2015, 19h
     “Intel•ligència artificial per la pau o per la guerra?”
    Luc Steels (ICREA at UPF)
    Auditori CCCB

    Dimarts 1 de desembre de 2015, 19h
    “La intel•ligència com a estratègia evolutiva”
    Arcadi Navarro (ICREA at UPF)
    Auditori CCCB

    Dimecres 9 de desembre de 2015, 19h
    “El futur de la inteligencia artificial”
    Hector Geffner (ICREA at UPF)
    Auditori CCCB

    Dimarts 15 de desembre de 2015, 19h
    “Percepció i realitat: la comprensió dels mons virtuals”
    Mel Slater (ICREA at UB) and Mavi Sanchez-Vives (ICREA at IDIBAPS)
    Auditori CCCB