Upcoming events

  • Workshop 'El paleoclima de Barcelona – Repensar el passat per encarar el futur’


    ICREA Research Professors Antoni Rosell (ICTA-UAB) and Francesc Burjachs (IPHES) will participate in the workshop ‘El paleoclima de Barcelona – Repensar el passat per encarar el futur’.


    The workshop will be held at MUHBA Casa de l’Aigua (Torrent de la Perera, s/n, 08033 Barcelona) on the 28th of November from 9:45 h to 13:30 h.


    For detailed information on this event please click here.

  • WEBINAR 92nd ICREA COLLOQUIUM - The impact of the Covid19 pandemic: economic, social, medical and scientific aspects


    Speakers: ICREA Research Professors Massimo Motta, from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), and Christian Brander, from Institut de Recerca de la Sida - IrsiCaixa (IrsiCaixa)


    When: 15th of December 2020, 18:00h






    Dr. Christian Brander will discuss briefly the immunological hallmarks of CoV2 infection, the course of the epidemic and review the current status of vaccine development, with a special focus on fast track clinical trial procedure.


    On the other hand, Dr. Massimo Motta will explore the short-run and (possible) long-run effects of the covid crisis, from a microeconomic perspective.