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    Patrizia Ziveri
    Ziveri, Patrizia
    Research Professor at
    Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)
    Experimental Sciences & Mathematics
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    Research interests

    Her broad scientific interest is on marine global environmental change, ecology, and biogeochemistry at various time scales and complexity. She focuses on multidisciplinary investigation from target marine organisms at the base of the food web, to marine microplastics and biogeochemical processes. With her research group she works on the ocean in a changing climate and under human pressure, linking CO2 dynamics, climate change and target marine processes. She is interested in pressing threats to the marine environment and their societal relevance, such as ocean acidification, warming and oxygen loss in different regions, both in coastal systems and open seas, from social to biogeochemical processes. With her group, she developed a specific laboratory to address marine microplastics. She also supports socially relevant marine studies in coastal Africa. Her research is bridging the natural and social systems on issues of major societal and sustainable development concern.

    Key words

    climate and global change, high CO2 ocean, calcifying plankton, marine micropaleontology, biogeochemistry, marine microplastics


    : 0000-0002-5576-0301