Próximas actividades

  • 89th ICREA BREAKFAST COLLOQUIUM - Can green cities be healthy and just?


    Speaker: ICREA Research Professor Isabelle Anguelovski from UAB and Dr. Helen Cole, from the Barcelona Laboratory for Urban Environmental Justice and Sustainability (BCNUEJ).

    When: 12th of November 2019, 9:00h

    WhereHotel Catalonia Plaza Catalunya, Bergara, 11, 08002 Barcelona


    Our research examines processes and dynamics that lead to more just, resilient, healthy, and sustainable cities, bringing together theory and methods from urban planning, public policy, urban and environmental sociology, urban geography and public health. We analyze the extent to which urban plans and policy decisions contribute to more just, resilient, healthy, and sustainable cities, and how community groups in distressed neighborhoods contest the existence, creation, or exacerbation of environmental inequities as a result of urban (re)development processes and policies. 

    Our presentation will introduce the field of urban environmental justice and green gentrification, present results from our recent studies on environmental and health inequities in cities of the global North, and draw some policy and planning implications for municipalities.

    The ICREA colloquia are a great way to learn about remote fields of research from our best experts. We usually have two speakers, who offer their opinions on the same subject from very different angles. They are open to all ICREAs and their guests.


  • AdvCompBio - A conference to promote women's research in computational biology


    The international congress Advances in Computational Biology - Fostering collaboration among women scientists, one of the activities within the programme Bioinfo4Women of the BSC, will be held in Barcelona on the 28th and 29th of November 2019.

    All the speakers will be women but the event, an affiliated conference of the International Society of Computational Biology (ISCB), will be open to everyone. Mar Albà is one of the organisers, Núria López-Bigas will chair one of the track sessions, and Natasa Przulj will be one of the keynote speakers, the three of them are ICREA Research Professors. Click on committees & keynote speakers for further information. 

  • 90th ICREA BREAKFAST COLLOQUIUM - Please dispose after use: Designing sustainable single-use sensing devices in a circular economy


    Speakers: ICREA Research Professor Neus Sabaté & Dr. Juan Pablo Esquivel CSIC, Tenured Scientist (both from Institut de Microelectrònica de Barcelona - CSIC)

    When: 21st of January 2020, 9:00h

    WhereHotel Catalonia Plaza Catalunya, Bergara, 11, 08002 Barcelona

  • 91st ICREA BREAKFAST COLLOQUIUM - Back to the Future: A Multidisciplinary Evaluation of Catalan Politics of Identity Building since 1978


    Speakers: ICREA Research Professor Matthias M. Tischler, from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), and Prof. Peter Kraus, from University of Augsburg 

    When: 21st of April 2020, 9:00h

    WhereHotel Catalonia Plaza Catalunya, Bergara, 11, 08002 Barcelona