Próximas actividades

  • The 105th ICREA Colloquium 'Gravitational waves from the 5th dimension'


    Speaker: ICREA Research Professor David Mateos, from the Universitat de Barcelona (UB)


    When: 28th of March 2023, 18:00h


    Where: Zoom & Auditorium FCRi, Passeig de Lluís Companys, 23, 08010 Barcelona




    Our understanding of the Universe at the most fundamental level is based on two seemingly radically different theories. Einstein’s General Relativity describes the gravitational force that governs physical processes on the largest possible scales. The revolutionary experimental discovery of gravitational waves, little ripples on the geometry of spaces and time, is the latest confirmation of Einstein’s theory. The other three forces in Nature, the electromagnetic, the strong and the weak force, are unified in a single framework known as Quantum Field Theory, which describes subatomic processes. The most important discovery in theoretical physics in the last 25 years is an exact equivalence between Quantum Field Theory in 1 time and 3 spatial dimensions, as in our Universe, and General Relativity… in one dimension higher! I will describe the basis of this correspondence, known as Holography, as well as applications to particle physics, cosmology and gravitational waves.


    The ICREA colloquia are a great way to learn about remote fields of research from our best experts. We usually have two speakers, who offer their opinions on the same subject from different angles. They are open to all ICREAs and their guests.



  • Conference ‘The coming decades of quantum simulation’


    ICREA Research Professor at ICFO Maciej Lewenstein will give a talk with the title ‘The coming decades of quantum simulation’.


    The event is organized by the Institut d’Estudis Catalans (IEC), as part of a cycle of conferences entitled «Dijous de ciència i tecnologia 2023»,

    and it will be held on May 11th 2023 at 6:30 pm at Carrer del Carme, 47, 08001 Barcelona.


    For further information please click here.