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    Manel Esteller i Frank Koppens, National Research Awardees by the FCRI

    Manel Esteller (ICREA at IDIBELL) has been recognised with the National Research Award jointly by the FCRI (Fundació Catalana per la Recerca i la Innovació) and the Catalan Government.
    In the same ceremony, Frank Koppens (ICREA at ICFO) has been distinguished with the Young Talent Award, a category for researchers under 40.

    Congratulations to both!

    Please see more details here.

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    Article by Paul Verschure in La Vanguardia

    Check out this article by Paul Verschure (ICREA at UPF) published yesterday in La Vanguardia on the future of intelligent machines...


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    The Festival SUD de Poesia will be held at the Reial Cercle Artístic de Barcelona on the 18th and 19th of December 2015



    Festival Sud de Poesia

    The Quest of the South (we have lost the North)

    The first edition of the Festival Sud de Poesia brings together distinguished and fresh voices in a unique long flow of two afternoons-evenings. Short and long poems, angry and joyful poems, interrogative, nostalgic, aporetic, enigmatic, evocative, boisterous, emancipatory, revolted and ironic poems will be read and develop their echo and ramifications within us.

    All the poems evolve around the central the of this encounter : The Quest of the South (we have lost the North).

    The quest of the South refers to the quest of the imaginary South. It refers to a South that is the object of a pursuit, a South that is perhaps never reached, and is thus not a determined, physical or geographical place or space. It is an imaginary horizon, in the sense  that  it defines  a  limit,  an  end:  of  the  world,  the  journey,  the  imagination.

    Looking for the South necessarily poses the question of the North. So using the expression ´hem perdut el Nord´ (which also exists in Spanish and French, and means ´we have become mad´) in our title, we want to turn its meaning around and assert it positively. We propose a refusal of the North as the point whose loss leads to loss of mind or, slightly differently, that the loss – by extension, loss of orientation, void, gap - contained in the imaginary South is a loss that is worth referring to and out of which we can make a reference.


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    El Festival SUD de Poesia tendrá lugar los días 18 y 19 de diciembre en el Reial Cercle Artístic de Barcelona

    Este Festival es una de las actividades de la ERC Advanced grant de Peter Wagner.

    Tendrá lugar en el Reial Cercle Artístic de Barcelona (Arcs 5, 08002 - Barcelona)

    La Búsqueda del Sur (hemos perdido el norte)

    La primera edición del Festival Sud de Poesia reúne voces distinguidas y frescas en un único flujo de dos atardeceres. Poemas cortos y largos, poemas enojados y alegres, interrogativos, nostálgicos, aporéticos, enigmáticos, poemas sugerentes, bulliciosos, emancipadores, rebeldes e irónicos serán leídos y desenvolverán su eco y ramificaciones dentro de nosotros.

    La Búsqueda del Sur (hemos perdido el Norte), este es el centro de nuestro encuentro y el núcleo desde el que se desarrollan todos los poemas.

    La búsqueda del Sur se refiere a la búsqueda de lo imaginario del Sur. Se refiere a un Sur que es el objeto de una persecución, un Sur que quizá nunca llegó, por lo que no es un lugar físico o geográfico o espacio determinado. Es un horizonte imaginario, en el sentido de que define un límite, un fin: el mundo, el viaje, la imaginación.

    Al buscar el Sur se plantea necesariamente la cuestión del Norte. Así, utilizando en nuestro título la expresión 'hemos perdido el Norte' (que también existe en catalán y francés, y significa que 'hemos enloquecido'), queremos subvertir su sentido y afirmarlo positivamente. Proponemos una negativa del Norte como punto cuya pérdida conduce a perder la cabeza o, de forma ligeramente diferente, que la pérdida por extensión, pérdida de orientación, vacío, hueco contenida en el imaginario del Sur es una pérdida a la que vale la        pena referirse y de la que podemos hacer una referencia.

    Información adicional en


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    Pura Muñoz-Cànovas has received the Pfizer Foundation award for Basic Research


    Pura Muñoz-Cànovas, ICREA Research Professor at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) and head of the Cell Biology group of the Department of Experimental and Health Sciences (DCEXS), received the award for Basic Research granted each year by the Pfizer Foundation for her article published in Nature in February 2014.

    For the first time a physiological mechanism that is involved in the irreversible ageing process of muscular stem cells in very old organisms has been identified. Through experiments on mice Prof. Muñoz-Cànoves has demonstrated that geriatric satellite cells undergo intrinsic changes that are irreversible and which cause these cells to switch from a latent, quiescent state to a state in which growth and expansion are no longer possible.

    Experts from the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL) and the National Cardiovascular Research Centre also participated in this research project. 

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    ICREA at Science Week 2015

    A whole bunch of ICREAs are taking part in this years' popular science week 'Setmana de la Ciència', an initiative of the FCRI that brings science topics to everyone through talks, shows and conferences. Seventeen ICREA Research Professors are participating in conferences at high schools all over Catalonia, covering topics ranging from astrophysics to climate change to how plants can see!

    The full list is here, if you are curious or want to show up at one of them -but you should pretend you are a high school student to be let in...

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