The selection of candidates for ICREA positions is based on peer evaluation and has scientific excellence and leadership as its sole criteria. There are five evaluation panels, covering all areas of knowledge, with some overlap to cater for interdisciplinary and emerging fields.

The basic concept for the evaluation is that it essentially depends on the judgment of high profile experts. We do not want to rely on quantitative measures of academic output, but rather on the well-informed judgment of the experts in recognizing excellence. We strive for quality, not quantity.

ICREA fully endorses and shares the principles of the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (SFDORA), by which it discourages evaluators to rely only on journal-based metrics (such as Journal Impact Factors) as a surrogate measure for the quality of individual research articles. For the purposes of research assessment, ICREA considers the value of all research output, including qualitative indicators of research impact, such as influence on policy and practice.

ICREA is an equal opportunity organisation and does not allow discriminatory references to gender, age, nationality, racial group, nor any other possible discriminatory issues.

ICREA Senior call

The ICREA senior call for applications offers permanent positions in the Catalan research system. The selected researchers are given a permanent position, ICREA Research Professorship (equivalent to tenure) and become ICREA employees. ICREA researchers go through an evaluation process (promotion) at regular intervals throughout their entire career. This is our most important and best-known call.

For information purposes this is the latest version of our evaluator guidelines

ICREA Senior Call for 2021 is closed.

Results were communicated by email to all applicants on July 8th, 2021.

The next ICREA Senior call will open on the second half of January 2022 for the areas of Social & Behavioural Sciences, Humanities and Life & Medical Sciences and will close on the first half of March 2022.

For your information these were the Guidelines ICREA Senior Call 2021. We do not expect significant changes.

ICREA Acadèmia call

The ICREA Acadèmia call for applications is a grant to university professors who already hold permanent positions in the Catalan research system. The grant is for five years and is intended to promote the awardees’ research by relieving them from teaching duties.

For information purposes this is the latest version of our evaluator guidelines.

ICREA Academia Call for 2021 is closed.

Results will be communicated by email to all applicants at the end of December, 2021.

For your information these were the text of the Call ICREA Academia 2021 (in Catalan). 

The next ICREA Acadèmia call will surely open at the end of August 2022.