Els professors d'investigació ICREA formen una comunitat dinàmica de científics i investigadors de totes les àrees del coneixement, que contribueixen al progrés de la humanitat amb els seus estudis, interpretacions i preguntes. Entreu i descobriu-ne els increïbles descobriments i troballes:


  • Ziveri, Patrizia

    Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)


    Ziveri, Patrizia

    Research Professor at
    Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)
    Experimental Sciences & Mathematics
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    Research interests

    Global environmental change on marine ecosystems, ecology, and biogeochemistry at various time scales and complexity is a key theme of her research group, focusing on multidisciplinary investigation of marine calcifying organisms at the base of the food web. With her work on the ocean in a changing climate and under human pressure, she is linking CO2 dynamics, climate change and target marine processes and systems. Interest on pressing threats to the marine environment and their societal relevance has led to developing research on ocean acidification, warming and oxygen loss in different regions. The study of marine litter and the cycle of marine microplastics is another research area in her group and a new clean laboratory for microplastic studies opened recently at ICTA-UAB. These interactive global and local change processes alter the marine systems affecting economic activities and human welfare.

    Key words

    climate and global change, high CO2 ocean, calcifying plankton, marine micropaleontology, biogeochemistry, marine microplastics