Welcome from the Conseller

ICREA was created in 2001 to promote the development of quality research in Catalonia. Since then it has become instrumental in the notoriety and visibility achieved by our research system.

ICREA hires talented researchers through annual calls using the best possible practices of evaluation and selection. These ICREA Research Professors work in any of the universities and research centres in Catalonia, which in turn reinforces and strengthens the institutions that host them.

The continuous support of the Catalan Government over almost two decades has been a key factor in this process, providing the stability that such an endeavour demands. In this time, ICREA has  become one of the most influential scientific communities in the world.

While there is little debate about the importance of research in a knowledge society, it is ideas like ICREA that succeed in making this principle a practical reality that we can see every day. In the name of the Generalitat de Catalunya I would like to reaffirm the unwavering support of the Government towards ICREA, and invite you to navigate through the sections devoted to our researchers and their outstanding scientific contributions.

Hble. Sr. Santi Vila
Minister of Enterprise and Knowledge