External reports

ICREA Evaluation

In 2012, the international consultancy firm Technopolis was commissioned by ICREA to assess the impact of its first decade of existence. We were very happy to see that the report concludes that ICREA has had a tremendous impact on the system, and that the trend is growing.

You can download the executive summary, and know more about Technopolis.

  • The quality of the selected ICREAs is undoubtedly high. They outperform the average performance of researchers in Catalonia, Spain, Europe and worldwide, in terms of quantity, quality and impact
  • ICREA has improved the quality, quantity and scope of the research conducted in Catalunya
  • ...the presence of ICREAs has increased the international visibility and reputation of the Catalan research system.

Evaluation of Acadèmia awards

In 2012, the same consultancy firm was commissioned a similar study of the ICREA Acadèmia programme. Here are some of their conclusions, and of course, the link to the report.

  • ICREA Academia selection process is effective in selecting the highest quality candidates among the applicants and there is strong evidence that those selected are among the better quality research.
  • The Academia programme has also enabled universities to gain external recognition of the areas.
  • ...the personal prestige and external recognition of their research provided by the ICREA Academia award is a strong motivator for the professors to prioritise research over other duties and to improve the quantity and quality of research outputs.