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Díaz-Andreu García, A. Margarita

ICREA Research Professor at UB (Universitat de Barcelona). Humanities

Margarita Díaz-Andreu is an ICREA Research Professor in Archaeology at the University of Barcelona. She has held posts at the CSIC (1993-94), Complutense University of Madrid (1993-95) and Durham University (1996-2011), where she was a Reader. She is the vice-president of the History of Archaeology Commission of the International Union of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences. She is also a member of the editorial boards of American Anthropologist and Indice Histórico Español and is on the consultative board of Trabajos de Prehistoria. Díaz-Andreu is a member of several international teams working on rock art and heritage, including the EU-funded H@V (PI, PCIN-2013-036 project), and is the PI of the “Without Frontiers” Research Project (HAR2012-334033/Hist). She is the author of six books, four of them single-authored, the editor of nine edited volumes and has published more than 150 articles. She has successfully supervised seven PhD students through to completion.

Research Interests

Margarita Díaz-Andreu is currently researching in four areas: the history of archaeology, identity, heritage, and prehistoric art. Her work has been published by Oxford University Press, Routledge, Cambridge University Press, Springer and Marcial Pons, among other prestigious publishers. Some of her articles have been included in readers and others have been translated into five different languages.

She is involved in several international projects: “Without Frontiers” (2012-15, I+D+I project, as PI), the Study Group on the Heritage Status of Aboriginal Cultural Property (2010-14, FQRSC), and the EU-funded Heritage Values Network project (her participation is funded by a I+D+i retos grant for which she is the PI). A Marie Curie post-doctoral student is currently furthering her earlier research on acoustics and rock art. She is currently supervising four PhD students.

Key Words

History of Archaeology, Prehistoric Art, Prehistory, Identity, Archaeology